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Prof. Keith Cook
Faculty Member
Authors : Kagya A Amoako,Hari S Sundaram,Y Li,J Lin,Shaoyi Jiang,Keith Cook,
Authors : Kagya A Amoako,Ahmed B Suhaib,Surbhi Gupta,Hari S Sundaram,Y Li,Shaoyi Jiang,Keith Cook,
Authors : Kagya A Amoako,Surbhi Gupta,Ahmed B Suhaib,Keith Cook,
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I have 20 years of experience in the design, development, and testing of cardiovascular and pulmonary medical devices and technologies. This work includes computer modeling and design, benchtop testing, and long and short term in vivo testing.

artificial lung artificial organs biomaterials cardiovascular right ventricle pulmonary drug delivery gas transfer

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