Prof. James Antaki
Faculty Member
President , AntakaMatics, Inc.
Professor , Carnegie Mellon University
Project Status : Proposed
Project Status : Proposed
Project Status : Proposed
Authors : Bronwyn E. Uber,Steven A. Webber,Victor O. Morell,James F Antaki,
Authors : Arielle Drummond,Timothy Bachman,James F Antaki,
Authors : S Mitra,Marios Savvides,James F Antaki,
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Low profile inlet for rotary blood pump
Optimized inlet for ventricular assist device that reduces overall height of implanted device - now being used clinically
Medical Device for Diagnosing Pressure Ulcers
Hand-held reflectance spectrometer for diagnosing pressure ulcers, esp. in darkly pigmented skin
US Patent 8116838
Device and Method for the Detection and Quantification of Magnetic Microbeads and Cells, and Immunological Proteins, Pathogenic
Gandini, A and JF Antaki - licensing agreement with CMU ongoing.
US 8445192
Device and method for detection and quantification of immunological proteins, pathogenic and microbial agents and cells